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Fiction in their thirties, and it is not so bad

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Van Gils and guests is going to look like in February. In its place, a daily fiction series about the thirties.


One 21.25-22.00

Three christmas ago, William Deleu a month as a homeless person through life. Now he went a month to live with his dementia grandmother, (see also page 5), in the nursing home. This might just be a better idea than that previous.


NPO 2 22.45-23.40 hours

Excellent documentary, James Jacoby (from the research unit of Frontline, the American public broadcaster PBS), about the dangers of the success of Facebook. Look and feel the tendency to stand up to your FB account to delete it.

3 in their THIRTIES

One 22.00-22.25 hours

Strange decision by One, in the quest for more variety in the program offerings: Van Gils is going to look like in February, in the place of a daily fiction series on the thirty, called the Thirty. That is not all that bad, at first glance.

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