Facebook 15: feast or bankrupt?

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Facebook celebrates on February 4, his 15th birthday. A month and spends a Canvas on tv and online quite a bit of attention to that memorable birthday. How are the media and the company behind it so successful? What is their impact on the lives of the 1.5 billion daily and 2.2 billion monthly users? And on their privacy? How ‘social’ is the media now really? What is the impact of Facebook on public opinion? Who makes there use (or misuse) of. And what is the future of Facebook? These are just a few questions that will be addressed in the Canvas project around 15 years Facebook.

Central is the three-part series of Facebook and I of Tim Verheyden. But there are also articles, blogs, documentaries, film, and other contributions on the, VRT NOW and of course also on the social media of Canvas.

“In barely 15 years has Facebook indisputably had an impact on our modern history. And it is not yet done.”

In the run-up to the 15th anniversary of Facebook, looks back in a number of key moments in the still young history of the social network. In a first contribution about the early days of Facebook. How is the social medium will arise? Later, it is also zoomed in on the famous like-button and to the acquisition of Whatsapp. The story is rounded off on February 4, the 15th anniversary of Facebook.

From Saturday 19 January to talk in the section entitled Big questions with a number of prominent persons such as Jamie Bartlett and Katleen Gabriëls about the impact social media have on people and society.

On Monday 21 January, the three-part series of Facebook and I start to 21.20 you. In the first episode (To purchase: your deepest feelings) highlights Tim Verheyden the impact of Facebook on our privacy. Know what Facebook is all about us? Why do they want to know that? How come they know it? And that evil, which datahonger? More information can be found here. The episodes are also always (re)view on VRT NOW.

In line with the various episodes offer and the social media of in On the road every time a look behind the scenes of the series, with background on the various locations.

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