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Emma Stone call out ‘Sorry’ after speech from Sandra Oh

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The Canadian actress Sandra Oh was allowed on Sunday to the Golden Globes to talk to each other. When the film ‘Crazy rich Asians’ announced, made the actress a joke about the representation of Asian actors in the film industry. Emma Stone appealed.

Oh himself is of Korean descent, and when she has the nomination for ‘Crazy rich Asians’ should announce, she could not let sounds totally fake. “It is the first film with an Asian-American protagonist since “Ghost in the Shell” and “Ahola”’. Which actress the audience a skeptical glance gave, because those movies are absolutely no Asian actors to the word left. They were just a lot of criticism for the lead roles to white actors were, though the main characters were originally Asian.

Emma Stona gave in the movie Aloha stature to a woman who is a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese. She felt, therefore, approached by the sounds totally fake Oh, and cried “I’m sorry” from the audience. Which Oh her hands on her chest, and her an approving look. “I had not planned,” said Stone to the Los Angeles Times. “But I’ve said.’

American actress Scarlett Johansson got the full low got because they are in the scifiprent Ghost in the shell as a white woman, an iconic Asian character played. Critics called it a form of whitewashing, in which white actors the roles of people with a different ethnic background to engulf.

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