Crowdfunding helps Ieperfest back on the road

825ad0857184dd127eb6c08a552c53cd - Crowdfunding helps Ieperfest back on the road

Ieperfest is managed via crowdfunding enough money to collect. The organization of the Ypres music festival did after a difficult edition of a call to the 15,000 euros to raise, what is successful. Now is also the new date is announced.

The Ieper Hardcore Fest, which is short for Ieperfest, knew last summer, a difficult edition. The genre of hardcore goes out, what is out, the weather was against, and also the competition with other festivals, Alcatraz in Kortrijk the lead, began to bear.

To ensure continuity, it was decided to Ieperfest his fans to speak and so to raise money. It was targeted at 15,000 euros, but the counter is now at almost 17,000 euros. “The intended amount was reached, for which we, of course, everyone sincerely thank”, says organiser Davy Bauwen. “Every penny more can the festival only but help, so we hope to see something more. The campaign runs for another five days.”

Ieperfest has now a new date is sought, and found. The next edition will take place from 5 July to 7 July. And also the first names are already known. On the poster there under more sudden infant death syndrome, Wisdom in Chains, Madball, and Amen Ra, the postmetalband around singer Colin Of Eekchout which really struck by his passages on Ieperfest.

Ieperfest remains an outsider on the muziekkalender. In addition to performances will also be given lectures, documentaries shown, and there are plenty of ngo positions. All the food is vegan and ecological efforts, such as droogtoiletten and purifying reed lands, won the festival several times prizes.

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