Brussels was last year’s backdrop of 23 feature films and 12 television series

288a82ec95e3e4faa4d933bb37393a5b - Brussels was last year's backdrop of 23 feature films and 12 television series

In the past year, but less than 23 feature films and 12 television shows (partially) filmed in Brussels. Especially the cobbled alleys, green spaces and large boulevards were in demand by the filmmakers, La Dernière Heure over the weekend reported on the basis of figures of the

The past year has, whose main mission is to coordinate and facilitate all kinds of pictures in the Brussels Region, 35 shoots accompanied: 23 feature films (including 12 international projects) and 12 televisiereeksen or webseries, including 5 international projects.

The areas that are most sought after by filmmakers, which are on the territory of the City of Brussels (almost 70% of the total film footage and 50% of the speelfilmseries).

The popularity of Brussels as a film location is according to the organization, explained by the geographical location of Belgium, and Brussels in particular, in the heart of Europe. “Therefore, find here a lot of French, British, German, and Italian co-productions take place,” said “In addition, is home to Brussels a variety of locations, rural areas and green spaces to medieval alleys and bustling boulevards, art nouveau buildings as well as contemporary buildings, and shopping districts.”

The taxsheltersysteem and the financial support of the will also make it possible to contribute to the financing of film projects, stresses the organization.

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