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Brabantse pijl will have an extra loop in Beersel

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The course for the 59th edition of the Brabant Arrow (cat. 1.BC), Wednesday, april 17, the classics of Flanders Classics quit, get an additional local loop in Beersel-Huizingen. That informed the organization Monday. The women, too, can everyone during two passages in Beersel at work.

The race of the men is at 12: 30 for the city hall of Leuven on the hallway shot. In the journey of 200 miles to get the riders are 32 slopes is presented. After a flat run through Overijse and braine-l’alleud, put the pack price to Beersel, where after 50 kilometers of racing, the Alsemberg wait.

Flanders Classics and WSC Red Sporty choose the region that in the past the home was for the Brabant Arrow extra in the spotlight. There are two local laps entered in Beersel, which has always been the DNA of this race belongs, with passages by Dworp-Huizingen-Lot-Beersel and climbs of three slopes: Brown Pit, Menisberg and Lotsestraat. Two times the peloton will be so these three slopes found on the local round of 16.3 kilometer.

After the double passage in Beersel pulls the peloton, via Sint-Genesius-Rode, back in the direction of Overijse for the final. That is unchanged with three local laps of 23,4 kilometers, passages along: Hagaard, Hertstraat, Holstheide, IJskelderlaan and Schavei.

For the second edition of the Brabantse pijl for women are start and finish in Gooik. The contest starts at 12: 00 and is 137 kilometers long. In Beersel put the women two times the exact same round as their male colleagues.

Last year went to Tim Wellens and the Italian Marta Bastianelli with the flowers to go.

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