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“As a B-team if you throw in the F1 title in the towel”

e19b2f4daef3984447222a2392a86ae5 - "As a B-team if you throw in the F1 title in the towel"

According to McLaren boss Bag Brown have B-teams a lot of benefits by working with a different team. At the same time, he believes, however, that B-teams in the towel throw in the championship.

Brown refers to the American Haas F1 team, which was only a few years in the Formula 1, and for a lot of business is partnering with Ferrari. The renstal ended last season on a nice fifth place and proves that the benefits of its intense collaboration with Ferrari.

“I think that Haas the excellent has done, especially considering their resources and how young the team is. You have to admire what they have done,” said Zak Brown.

“I think, however, that Liberty the business model of B-teams will look at. I think it’s the larger teams allows you to benefit from a B-team.”

“There are benefits on several levels, technically, politically, this year we have activities seen in the question asked could be.”

According to Brown, the Formula 1 change this and that in the interest of the health of the sport. Brown is convinced that Liberty Media will also do.

The McLaren boss believes, however, that there is also a significant disadvantage to operate as a B-team, something he McLaren would never want to do.

“I never believe that a B-team will be allowed to compete with an a-team. In the short term, can the business model make sure you are faster competitive and you are financially in a better situation. At the same time give you however, all hope of ever competing for the championship.”

“As a B-team, throw, literally, the towel in the battle for the championship,” concludes Brown.

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