Army tries to seize power in Gabon

761c17a7a0b905fa9cce06480be906d8 - Army tries to seize power in Gabon

In the West African country of Gabon is a military coup against the regime of president Omar Bongo to the corridor. In the middle of the night was the control over the staatsradio acquired. There was notified that there was a “council of restoration “that”) is located on the side of the people belongs to’.

However, president Omar Bongo offside. He stays in a Moroccan hospital where he is recovering from a thrombosis.

On a video on the social media sites circulates, is located in the radio studio, three soldiers are. They wear a green beret, suggesting that they are part of the republican guard.


‘The long-awaited day has come in which the army has decided to put themselves on the side of the people, to Gabon, to save it from chaos’, as sound in the communication, which is read out by a soldier who presents himself as a deputy commandat of the republican guard. The current settings in the country are “illegal and illegitimate”.

Also to the people asked to be ‘on’ and the control of the streets, the airports, and public buildings to take over. They request that ‘all young people of the defence and security forces and all the young Gabonezen to join’.


Journalists report that there are also shots heard in the vicinity of the Radio Télévision Gabonaise (RTG), on the boulevard Triomphal, in the centre of the capital Libreville. Armoured vehicles block the access to that street.


Gabon is already fifty years run by the same family. Current president Ali Bongo took in 2009 on the power of his father. As a result of a stroke, is the president since October 24, no longer in the country.

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