Angeline Flor Pua disappeared back into the anonymity

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It is again almost as far, on Saturday January 12 is the new Miss Belgium will be elected. The final is that day can be followed live at Ment Tv from 20.30.

The current Miss Belgium, Angeline Flor Pua then gives her crown to her successor to, perhaps, than in the anonymity to disappear. In The Sunday says the most beautiful of Belgium that they have no job in the media aspires to. They took to say that part in the election to her story to share and a role model. Miss Belgium was for her a platform. May they look back on a successful year and she was especially touched by the trip to Cambodia in the framework of Hope for the Children.

Recently, in december of 2018 earned Angeline her degree as a flyer. They would love to go to work at Emirates airline. That training was very expensive. Each month will be the pilote in spe of 900 euros must be paid off and ten years.

Figuratively remains Angeline Flor Pua with both feet on the ground, because she says: “Miss Belgium lasts but a year, beauty wither on the duration. With my degree, I have a warranty for life”.

(Nico Vanaken)

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