“Adele will never go on tour,”

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Bad news for Adele fans that their idol ever live to see: the British singer will probably never go on tour. The company that Adele and her performances arranged, was by herself shut down.

The 30-year-old Adele has Remedy Touring LLP voluntarily liquidated. That company processed the proceeds of her performances. Previously gave the singers that they are not from live concerts. “Touring is not something that I am good at”, she told The Sun. “Applause makes me vulnerable.”

In 2016, there were already rumors that Adele would stop touring, to become a fulltime mother for her son Angelo. “He is the number one priority of Adele. He is the most important thing in her life,” says a source to the British newspaper. “They take him when they toured, but he will soon be going to school and then going to that no more.”

According to the source will Adele not for a moment from the life of Angelo miss. It would be a easy decision have been to the tour. Adele herself has not yet responded to the news.

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