Year of celebration for Wim Coryn

0620407dfbd53fb242cf00e0b065aee9 - Year of celebration for Wim Coryn

With thanks to o.a. his warm presentatiestem and his voice-over contributions as a tv commentator, has the Antwerp entrepreneur Wim Coryn for years a well-stocked and growing Wikipedia page. After successful passages as a marketing, product manager, and director at the renowned record labels Arcade, Polygram (Universal) and Sony Music, stepped Coryn to BMG Publishing, and he ended his solid career at The Entertainment Group (Marco Borsato). In december 2009, Wim Coryn, after a career of 15 years in the music business, his own business to start: Wild Cherry Consult.

When Wim started, it was clear (arrange) of rights is still in its infancy. It was a niche activity: “For me as an entrepreneur is a leap in the dark, because there is in Belgium (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels), ten years ago nobody was doing. The success of the Belgian film has contributed to the successful development of my activities. The same positive effect I experience now with the tv series. Also there it is invested in quality, allowing them to score at home and abroad. When I was with Wild Cherry Consult started, we did indeed pioneering work”, says Wim Coryn.

Over the past 10 years is Wild Cherry Consult has grown into an international, intermediary company with the focus on service and consulting for film companies, tv production companies, advertising agencies, tv-stations and publishing houses, regarding the use of music and copyright management. In technical terms this is called ‘Music Consultation’ or ‘Music Supervisor’, or ‘ you know Wim Coryn of the credits”, such as former Cinevox-journalist Kurt van de maele appeared to the once described.

Since the boot worked Wild Cherry Consult as a Music Supervisor, or controller of the rights to more than 100 films, tv series and documentaries at home and abroad. Known succestitels are o.a. ‘Patser’, ‘Black’, ‘Gooische vrouwen’, ‘Pasolini’, ‘Tabula Rasa’, ‘Sense of tumour’, e.v.a. The full list can be found on the website of the company.

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