Vote on the best women in the music with the Female 2020

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There is the last year a lot of talk about women in music. Hence, there is now the Female 2020, a list with only female artists. And you get to decide who will be in the list!

Recently it appeared that less than 10% of the songs in the Top 2000 of female artists. Also in the programming on radio, television and at festivals, women continue to be behind. Experts and less expert types come up with all sorts of explanations, but there is no satisfactory answer.


Hence, there is now the Female 2020 is created. This must be going to grow to be the ultimate tribute to women in music. And it is also the proof that there was indeed a huge good female musicians. Voting is on the basis of a list with 3333 selected numbers with the ability to make their own choices.

The list of 3333 is also to be found on Spotify and is a delicious luistertip. We heard over the past few hours under the fresh talent Nana Adjoa, the avant=garde compositions of Holly Herndon, the almost forgotten Cansei de Ser Sexy and big names like Aretha Franklin or Eurythmics.

You can listen to and vote for you?


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