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Students against cross during block

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Students of the VUB will want to take action against the cyclocross that – during their study period – on the grounds of the university is organised.

On the premises of the VUB and the ULB is Sunday, the seventh round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy place. The cyclo crossers to get as a new field for the choose, but many students expressed over the past weeks to express their displeasure. They find that the cross in the middle of the block takes place. Meanwhile, even though 1,200 students a petition signed. They want to be in the cross also to take action, but what action exactly will look like is not clear.

‘A university should during the block support to offer, no stress and inconvenience. Many students have a difficult home environment, making the campus their only studeerplek. This marketing stunt of the university is thus a very bad idea, “says Matteo Kopriva of the action group” don’t touch our Block. The students will be Sunday during the cyclocross action. “We are going to let us apply.’

‘Rigorous evaluation’

The cross will be in any case strictly to be evaluated, ensures rector Caroline Pauwels Sunday. “We were from the outset determined all of the discomfort to avoid and have said right away that we are in a evaluation will. That will be a rigorous evaluation, ” said the rector.
“It is also only to a small group of disgruntled students, and that gives a distorted picture. I understand and respect their story of participation, but we also need to actually continue,’ says Pauwels.

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