Sms informs Saudi women about the imminent separation

c696f11a51944586f05f204b1c7e5fd4 - Sms informs Saudi women about the imminent separation

Saudi women will no longer be as the last to be informed of an impending separation. From Sunday, they need to be alerted by sms when their spouses with the court an application for divorce requests.

Some of the men steps to the right to a divorce without their wife even knows that it is, says the Saudi lawyer Nisreen al-Ghami. “The new rule ensures that women get what they deserve if they are separated,” says Al-Ghami, referring to the alimony and child support.

In the circular of the ministry of Justice states that the new rule responds to the plan Vision 2030 which crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, his country wants reform. Last year was the prohibition for women to drive a car removed. But women have according to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, still the admission of a husband need to have a passport, to travel abroad, to study abroad or to marry.

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