Parliament Venezuela gets heavy to president Maduro

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In Venezuela, it seems the parliament to steer a confrontation with president Nicolas Maduro, who next week to his second term begins. The new president Juan Guaido of opposition party Voluntad Popular party announced ‘the dictatorship’ to fight and ‘a transitional government on the ground that new, fair elections must organize”. How that would happen, he said.

The 56-year-old Maduro begins on February 10 to a new term of six years and that leads both in Venezuela and in the rest of the region to outrage. The parliament, dominated by the opposition, called the new mandate is already ‘illegal’. And that is also the opinion of the twelve countries in Latin America, united in the Group of Lima. Only Mexico abstained from comment.

President Guaido describe Maduro as a dictator, and wants new elections. The last presidential elections in may last year were boycotted by the opposition. There were also rumors about fraud.

But the power of the parliament in Venezuela is limited, since Maduro in July 2017 a Constituent Assembly founded. The president also has the support of the army.

Venezuela is rich in oil but is in a serious crisis. In addition to political repression, confronted the country with hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods. Millions of Venezuelans smote all on the flight.

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