Milky way is on course to satellietsterrenstelsel to collide

aa781e5a792c730d47cf60cb5fbfaf91 - Milky way is on course to satellietsterrenstelsel to collide

The Milky way is on course to be about 2.4 billion years to collide with the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite of our own galaxy, of which 163 000 light years away. This is evident from calculations of the university of Durham, in the north east of England. The findings of the team of cosmologist Marius Cautun published in the journal ‘Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society’.

The Large Magellanic Cloud consists of about 15 billion stars, and there was only 1.5 billion years ago in the neighborhood of the Milky way. Astronomers have thought for a long time that the galaxy is either in an orbit around the Milky way would run, would either escape the gravity of the Milky way, because it is so fast moving.

The researchers from the university of Durham calculated, however, that the Large Magellanic Cloud, almost two times as much dark matter as thought. Lose the system quick energy and is on course to collide with the Milky way. That clash would come to that between our galaxy and the also neighbouring Andromedastelsel, according to scientists, about 5 billion to 8 billion years.

Although it is unlikely that the collision with the Large Magellanic Cloud, life on Earth would affect, according to the researchers, a small chance that our solar system from the Galaxy in the space is hurled.

The merging of the two galaxies would also be the dormant black hole in the Milky way can produce, say the scientists from the university of Durham. It would be than the surrounding gases absorb and up to ten times larger and cosmic radiation to generate.

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