Martine Jonckheere away from Family?

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Not the Véronique but Marie-Rose has Amélie stabbed, that was last week in the run up to the midseasonfinale of Family clearly. The chance is large that Marie-Rose on Monday and the prison flies and Véronique on the right, already know your Family, but never because the chance still exists that Véronique as a possible accomplice also its share in the stabbing. When Martine Jonckheere a while ago back came up in Family, it was stated immediately that they have a part-time contract for three months had gotten. That is three months, although not yet completely over but the viewers of Family love there are already in mind that Marie-Rose will soon be back from their favorite soap disappears. Martijne Jonckheere counted, not on an extension of that period, but they hoped there to find. “I will be sad to see the end of it, but I will peace have to take it,” she told earlier in the Day, All of you. “As for my cancer: accept it and hope that it won’t come back. But in this case I hope that I do should return. It would be weird of not, because there was already spoken of the soapcomeback of the year,” said Martine a while ago to Family. The prison on the set of Family is, of course, not for nothing was built. We get Marie-Rose in the coming months in the cell to see, in anticipation of its process or the cell will be reserved for Niko Schuurmans that may be the death of Vereecken on his conscience?

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