Malaysian king performs surprisingly af

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The Malaysian king is going to resign. Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan is the first head of state of Malaysia that decided to stop working since the independence from the British in 1957. Why his C4 submit, is not communicated. But there was already speculated. So was he since early november on sick leave. Later rumours about his marriage with the Russian clean Oksana Voevodina in Moscow.

Muhammad V was the ruler of Kelantan, one of the thirteen states in the country. These states are ruled by the nine royal families. The monarchy in the country, therefore a unicum: for the five years is a new head of state for all Malaysia selected among the nine rulers.

There were already speculations about the resignation of Muhammad V as the fifteenth ‘Agong’, or ‘supreme ruler’. The speculation started after the nine sultans earlier were gathered together. According to the official announcement reverses the 49-year-old man back to Kelantan to his people and government to assist in the development of the state.

The role of the Malaysian king is largely ceremonial. The prime minister and his government practice, after all, most of the powers.

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