Kabila candidate Shadary now demands also the victory in Congo

5b26bd712f9b42615e332f9cf653edb1 - Kabila candidate Shadary now demands also the victory in Congo

According to the church, Martin Fayulu, the Congolese presidential election on 30 december won, but his challenger, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary now demands the victory.

Candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary has himself declared the winner of the presidential election on 30 december last year in the Congo. ‘We have clear instructions that indicate that Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary the election has won, ” said his spokesman, Aimé Kilolo Sunday in the capital, Kinshasa. Shadary is the poulain of current president Joseph Kabila and a former minister of the Interior.

Kilolo is based on reports of the Front commun pour le Congo (FCC), the verkiezingsplatform of the camp-Kabila. He calls on the Congolese electoral commission to ” the responsibility to take the results’. Earlier in the day announced the electoral commission that the results only in the course of next week will be made official because there was not enough ballots are counted.

The Congolese church declared that oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu, the clear winner is. Which is based the pv’s of the polling stations, prepared by more than forty thousand observers in twenty thousand kiescentra. According to the church Fayulu even an absolute majority is achieved.

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