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Experts: Bitcoin could increase to more than 300,000 USD – Coin Hero

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Experts: Bitcoin could increase to more than 300,000 USD

Home News expert: Bitcoin could be more than 300,000 USD to rise

Matthias Nemack –

A price per Bitcoin in the six figures? Currently hardly conceivable. Nevertheless, there are calculations that put up no later than 2023, such values close to.

The rate boom is coming soon in new spheres?

Even if it works for the normal investors, the current observation is unlikely: Some of the analysts and market experts expect the most important crypto-currency for the coming years has the potential to rate climbs to more than 300,000 US-Dollar. And the said experts are no strangers – one of them Bobby Lee, for example. He spread via Twitter, a calculation of the expected for a for this year, a bottoming out of the Bitcoin price at about $ 2,500.

New flight with the same development of the Bitcoin cycle

Within just two years, the industry calculated connoisseur and this is the actually Controversial a expected price of 333,000 US dollars per Bitcoin. As a basis, Lee served a specially analysed the cycle of price movements over a period of four years. The forecast “works” but only if the conditions in the market play in an identical way again.

Mining changes could make rate increase feed

Whether such predictions are now to be realistic or not: There are a number of crypto-analysts come to similar conclusions as Lee. Plays a decisive role here, as a rule, the Block Halving as a Central reward model in Mining. This allows an accurate statement, when miners receive only half for newly created blocks. The process of the halving effect – similar to that of various other crypto – rates-to the price of the Bitcoins. The speculation about when the new record values in six-digit height can be achieved, vary between 2021 and 2023.

Psychological influence of the projections do not underestimate

If the calculations confirm, but in the case of an emergency is less important than the positive statement, which could take some-sceptic clothing Investor the current Concerns. In particular, in terms of Reaching the bottom in currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and the Bitcoin itself. Influence could have been different according to analysts, in addition, the development of the global economic problems. Similar to the precious metal, Gold, digital currencies could Benefit from the sinking confidence of investors in equities and other stock exchange products.

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