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Ethereum Studio ConsenSys focuses on new collaborations – Coin Hero

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Ethereum Studio ConsenSys focuses on new collaborations

Home News Ethereum Studio ConsenSys focuses on new collaborations

Matthias Nemack –

The message to the beginning of the year interested not only convinced Ethereum-User. The applicability could be improved by cooperation.

Partnership will bring new opportunities for the ETH Blockchain

Everything new is the year 2019? Probably not. Nevertheless, there are for the first weekend of the new year messages of interest to the planned work, which could give the crypto world the necessary momentum. A co-operation announced the company is now Ethereum Studio ConsenSys. On the development of new Blockchain-based projects of the Blockchain, the Ethereum-universe specialized provider, announced at the weekend, to want in the future with the prestigious firm AMD is currently one of the most important maker of Chips that work together. And, the opinion suggests, what should be the goal of the planning. Together AMD and Ethereum ConsenSys want to bring an innovative platform in the area of “Cloud Computing” at the Start.

New progress for Ethereum could be coming soon

The Basis is to be expected as hardly different – the Blockchain technology, Ethereum. Ethereum Studio ConsenSys is rightly regarded as a creative Start-up. In addition to the two above-mentioned partners should be involved a third-party service providers. This is the current Reports in the relevant portals according to the order, the company Halo Holdings. Also this Partner is anything other than unknown in the crypto world. It has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, an increasingly important location when it comes to developments in the Blockchain. Work is based on the infrastructure, “W3BCLOUD”. The AMD Hardware supports this environment accordingly. The cooperation is already running. In addition, it is not the first cooperation. Already in may of 2018, we reported on a collaboration between Amazon Web Services and ConsenSys.

Better data processing for Ethereum-User as the target

It is in the first line and the development of typical distributed programs and applications. Ethereum Studio ConsenSys is as Often the extensive Know-how that it takes for the settlement of transactions within the Blockchain with Ethereum. In addition, the company wants to stand out in the implementation of processing steps with advice and act to the side. The result of the partnership could be, among other things, that Ethereum others of the top of the digital currencies, continues to establish itself as Bitcoin or Ripple. Users, in turn, could enhance the possibilities for the use of the Blockchain for the currency.

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