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Ethereum developers to achieve “conservative” consensus on blocking of ASICs – Coin Hero

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Ethereum developers to achieve “conservative” consensus on blocking ASICs

Home News Ethereum developers to achieve “conservative” consensus on blocking ASICs

Marcus Misiak –

During the on Friday held Core Devs Meetings of the Ethereum Core Team decided that would block the implementation of ProgPoW (Programmatic Proof-of-Work), specialized Mining Hardware and ASICs, provisionally. The main developer of Hudson Jameson noticed that the developer will pursue the implementation of the algorithm, unless, during the test, a larger Problem is discovered.

However, no binding of time has been agreed framework, as the core developers still need to be discussing how a lot of time for testing and deployment needed.

If there is a General consensus among the users of the Ethereum Software, it is achieved, will be developed to put the Code Change, which is referred to as a “ProgPoW”, the ASICs to an end, as, for example, from crypto-Mining-giants Bitmain. This Change would be a blessing for GPU Miner, whose profitability was adversely affected from ASICs.

So far, there have been various development works in and around ProgPoW. The Parity and Geth Clients still have outstanding Pull requests, to ProgPoW-add support for a test network for the algorithm (called Gangnam) was started, and the ProgPoW support has been added, among other things, the Open Ethereum Pool (which is an Open Source Mining Pool).

Although ProgPoW is not implemented with Constantinople, some members of the Community that the algorithm is integrated in one of the upcoming Hard fork. A commentator in the public forum of the meeting suggested that ASIC is required to the resistance “as quickly as possible,” in order to protect the Ethereum network, a centralization of Hash Power by ASIC Miner.

Core developer Martin Holst Swende it holds, however, for reckless, “[ProgPoW] to press on to Constantinople”. Although he supports the algorithm, he admits that there has been various Changes to the specifications and limited test concerning ProgPoW. “I hope that you will be accepted and, ideally, within a few months, will be introduced,” he added. Swende also said that he would like to implement ProgPoW, because it will help to ensure the safety of the Transition from Ethereum Proof-of-Stakes.

The message around ProgPoW comes at a time where the important Constantinople Upgrade for the 16. January 2019 is planned. The Upgrade is now scheduled for Block #7.080.000 and is between the age of 16. February and the 18. January 2019 instead.

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