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DVV TROPHY. Lander Loockx stores in Brussels go out first, with promises, Ryan Cortjens conquers victory in juniors

83974367506fdfd24cc90d3ddb339df2 - DVV TROPHY. Lander Loockx stores in Brussels go out first, with promises, Ryan Cortjens conquers victory in juniors

Lander Loockx Sunday the Brussels Universities Cyclocross won. The rider of Creafin-Tüv Süd took it for Show Vandebosch, and the Dutchman Maik van der Heijden and recaptured the leading position in the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy. When the junior was the victory for Ryan Cortjens.

Van der Heijden certain after the start the pace. The first round was one for the trail and each other to gauge. Seven leaders went into the second round. Loockx took command and went in search of the bonificatieseconden. He grabbed the full loot, 15 seconds, and a beat in no time a large gap. Behind him followed Van Der Heijden, Vandebosch and Andreas Goeman. Vandebosch rid himself even of his companions, but in the end would be again in a group of five end up with Niels Derveaux, Mees Hendrikx, Van der Heijden, and Goeman.

That quintet looked halfway at a lag of half a minute. Loockx was going to go flying, the battle for the minor placings offered more excitement. Derveaux, Goeman and Van der Heijden, drove away with their companions, Vandebosch had to gasp for breath, but drove in the final lap yet again to the trio, and he sprinted even to the second place, 36 seconds of the winner. Van Der Heijden finished third, Derveaux was fourth, 39 seconds, and is the leading position lost to Loockx. With still one round to go, Sunday 9 February in Lille, has Loockx six seconds for Derveaux.

Ryan Cortjens wins at juniors

Ryan Cortjens, the Brussels Universities Cyclocross in the junior to his name. He took it for Witse Meeussen and Wout Vervoort.

For the first time was a competition organised on and around the campus VUB and ULB in Brussels. With 25 juniors, they came to the start, and it was Witse Meeussen that all away in the first round the command took. In no time he ran to a lead of 20 seconds, behind him followed a trio with Lennert Belmans, Wout Vervoort and Ryan Cortjens which apparently is a little slower out of the starting blocks was shot.

Halfway cross left Cortjens his team mates, of IKO-Beobank behind and he went in search of the leader. At the start of the final lap he numbered seven seconds behind Meeussen, and was believed he would have the gap on the bevel. What later stripped himself also of Meeusen, and he took the victory with eight counts ahead of the junior that the major part of the contest only at the head of the reed.

It is already the ninth victory of the season for Ryan Cortjens, whose seven wins in december. All he had in the past two matches, however, settle with a fourth place finish in Baal, and a third place in Diegem.

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