Deadly fire in Polish escape room: operator arrested

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After a fire in an escape room, where five 15-year-old girls were killed, like the Polish authorities any unsafe escape rooms close. The owner of the burned-out escape room was arrested.

The Polish authorities are going all the escape rooms in the country to check. Areas that do not meet the safety standards will be closed. The result is a deadly fire, Friday afternoon, in an escape room in Koszalin, in the west of Poland. Five girls of fifteen years, who has a birthday to celebrate came to life. A 25-year-old employee sustained heavy burns.

The owner of escape room is Sunday held, announced police commissioner Jaroslav Szymczyk, during a press conference. It is a 28-year-old man from the western province of Great Poland, which was not known to the court.

Exploded gas cylinder

According to the initial findings resulted in the fire in a room next to the escape room, possibly due to an exploded gas cylinder. The girls were stuck in the escape room: it is a game in which the participants are locked away in a room, and on the basis of puzzles and a way out must be found. The victims were by carbon monoxide poisoning to life.

Saturday was the identity of four of the five victims disclosed. It comes to Karolina Barabas, Gosia Tymieniecka, Wiktoria, Julia Pietras, and Amelia Wieczorek. They were good friends who were in the same class.

Temporary electrical wiring

According to the fire department was the space in which the girls were too small for the number of people that were inside. The room was about seven square meters in size. Further, it was the electrical wiring in the building, inserting, and there were heaters next to combustible materials.

“The drama could notably take the form of a lack of an efficient evacuation plan,” says Leszek Suski, fire chief of the region. “The safety was not guaranteed and that this tragedy led.’

Safety standards are not complied with

The Polish minister of the Interior Joachim Brudzinski announced immediately after the fire that all the escape rooms in the country brandveiligheidscontroleurs on the floor will get. In total, about 1,100 establishments.

This weekend, there were already about 200 occasions checked. Sure 129 of them did not meet health and safety requirements. In total, there were 13 locations closed.

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