Britney Spears cancels concerts after illness father

d8de53ecf8bde172801f2125386b9406 - Britney Spears cancels concerts after illness father

Britney Spears has decided to have her concerts in Las Vegas to cancel. The singer is the heart, in that her father is sick. Occur is no longer an option, the singer now wants to be with her father and family. Normally would Britney Spears on February 13, in Las Vegas start with a new tour, but that party does not go through. The singer is using her social media know that her father a few months ago in the hospital was recorded and there for his life has fought. Along with the rest of the family is the singer is happy that her father is still there, but he would still have a long way to go. At this moment, it would be Spears hard at work rehearsing for the new concert tour but that it does not sit. “I have therefore decided to allow me to focussesn on my family”, let the singer know yet. Her father would be almost a month in the hospital have been located with problems with his colon.

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