Brawls in protest yellow vests harvesting criticism (and laughter)

France reacts indignantly at video clips of a professional boxer who mailed agents knocked down, and a police officer that a man with his back against a wall in the face turn.

The eighth day of the yellow bibs in Paris brought again a lot of chaos with him: in different cities it came to confrontations with the ordetroepen and in the French capital were 34 people arrested. Yet it is especially one man who, with the attention went away on social media. To movies is to see how he various agents heavy-handed approach.

Videos go viral

Very quickly it becomes clear that the man, dressed in black and without the yellow jacket, of addressing know. Without hesitation he stepped on agents to they well-aimed blows to sell, later also to see how he is a policeman neerduwt and kicking.

The French association of chief commissioners showed through Twitter to know the man to have identified. It turns out to be a professional boxer to go that in 2000 French champion in the lightweights. The man on the mat will be called for what the police union a ” cowardly action.”

Decorated police officer

In the meantime, is also fuss over movies that show how a police officer are different people in each other during a rally of yellow shirts in the Southern French city of Toulon. It is going to be a senior divisiecommandant, that 400 men.

The man is 34 years already in service with the French police. A few weeks ago, he was awarded the légion d’honneur. The images of his action in Toulon came Saturday at the light. The man who hit him is wearing no yellow jacket and stands against a wall while the agent him several times in the face and turn to a few of my colleagues to intervene.

Broken bottle neck

According to a source within the file the man was not a protester but he was part of a group of about fifty rioters. In addition, he would be a broken bottle neck in hand. A little further into the video is to see how the same agent for a yellow jacket saves while against a vehicle is printed, and then he also recently, yet another protester attacks.

According to the court, the agent has nothing to be ashamed of either. The violence that he used was ‘proportionate to the threat’, says the chief prosecutor of Toulon, because he had a broken bottle at him. There is no investigation opened. According to the French minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, there is no question of police brutality, rather of ‘a harsh lesson in democracy’.

The agent itself responded Sunday morning in the press. According to him, he has the troublemaker first, on the hand, they so that he the bottle would let go, but because he wasn’t sure that that was successful, he has him twice beaten, he said. At a demonstration on Sunday was the man by protesters recognized, re-filmed and his behavior will be addressed.

Also without violence

Both movies were meanwhile to be viral in France. Some felt the images of the boxer funny and edited the music from the legendary movie “Rocky” . The majority of the French people react, however, shocked at the violence.

To show that argue without violence may, arrived Sunday in Paris a few hundred women in yellow vests gathered on the Place de la Bastille.

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