Also in Bavaria, a suit sneeuwhinder

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After the heavy snowfall of the past days in the entire German alps, the second highest level of alarm for avalanches. Alert level 4 means that there is a big chance of avalanches, reports the lawinedienst of Bavaria. The snow sends the train – and air traffic severely in the war.

Also Sunday, the snow, just as in neighboring Austria, fall. The alert level now stands at four, because large avalanches can occur. A huge amount of fresh snow is a weak layer of older snow in person, it sounds..

The snow also controls the movement of the trains in the war, especially to the south and west of Munich. Different connections, for example, to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, are blocked, especially since trees that fail under the weight of the snow on the tracks and overhead lines fall. Deutsche Bahn has, since the night in the back to the tracks to get free. It is not yet clear when the disturbance is over.

Ditto on the airport of the Bavarian capital. in the Morning, there was fifteen deleted flights, said a spokeswoman, which can go up. Saturday were 130 flights cancelled in Munich, Friday, 65. Other flights run then was delayed again because the runways cleared and the planes ontijsd.

The Bavarian police had at night also a lot of pluck up by the many accidents, often with scuffs, on the slippery roads.

The weather services expect that also in the night from Sunday to Monday will be snowing in the south of Bavaria. In the valleys there can be 10 to 15 inches falling in the higher elevations to 25 inches of fresh snow and the peaks to 40 inches.

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