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Weiss Ratings: New bitcoin high on the road, Ripple, Cardano & Litecoin

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Weiss Ratings: New bitcoin high on the road, Ripple, Cardano & Litecoin

Home News Weiss Ratings: New bitcoin high on the road, Ripple, Cardano & Litecoin

Marcel Knobloch –

Weiss Ratings is an Agency which for more than three decades, financial market research and for companies and individuals with important data. The latest forecast says that Bitcoin will reach this year a new all-time high.

Weiss Ratings has the day before yesterday released a new Report, dealing with Price predictions for Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP, Cardano, EOS and Litecoin. The core message is that bitcoin profitability increases sharply and as a solid store of Value and a safe Alternative to Gold strong the feed is obtained (freely translated):

Thanks to the price declines in the year 2018, the most of the weakest hands have gone on the market. Meanwhile, stronger die-hard believers have held on to or even more Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the Agency describes the selected digital currencies such as XRP and Stellar will affect the traditional financial system. Stellar lumen as well as XRP deploy payment solutions, in terms of speed as well as costs, traditional Bank transfers are clearly superior. Not in vain a whole series of financial test hard the technologies of Ripple and Stellar weights in the cross-border international payment transactions.

According to Weiss Ratings, Bitcoin has not managed yet to establish itself as a global alternative payment network (freely translated). If XRP can make it to market should take shares in the money transfer sector, and finally Swiftt completely displace, could XRP will be the most used Cryptocurrency in the world (freely translated):

Bitcoin was created as a digital payment network of the new type, could not achieve this goal until then.

Meanwhile, Ripples XRP and Stellar to the challenge. You have the potential to disrupt financial markets, Remittances, Transfers and much more.

In particular, the Ripple-XRP aims to disturb SWIFT, the huge payment network of the global banking system. If it succeeds, the market share of SWIFT to dismantle and replace him in some areas, there is a Chance that XRP will eventually on the crypto-currency No. 1 in the world.

Furthermore, there should be a strong cleansing within the Top 10 largest crypto-currencies by market capitalization. White predicts that Bitcoin Forks like Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin SV will disappear from the market. Great potential have, however, Cardano and Holochain considered to be the most prominent candidate for the construction of a new, decentralized Version of the Internet. Whether or not these forecasts will actually arrive remains to be seen.

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