Udo makes music for La Musica II

fa7f1910784a17f746c18d81461be75e - Udo makes music for La Musica II

The Fakkeltheater presents “La Musica II” of The Spelerij. Theaterhuis The Spelerij of Paula Bangels knows his classics. Also, this time choose Paula Bangels sure to be a well-known piece from the repertoiretheater on her well-known, contemporary, pure way on stage. They chose three actors to make this piece. David Cantens is currently to see in Family (and formerly also in Marsman, New Texas, and soon in The Luizenmoeder) and Katrien De Becker, an actress in Home take the roles of the ex-couple that met on the day of their separation sign. What follows is a thrilling story where love in its purest, most beautiful and most horrible form is displayed. Paula Bangels asked Udo to the third actor with the help of his live-music.

Composer-singer-musician Udo guides and speaks from between the torque unspoken remains with his live music. The result is an intimate, pure piece, in which love in all its facets is central. Or as a director, Paula Bangels interprets it: “how these two souls still intensely love each other”. It is the first time that The Spelerij is in the Fakeltheater to Antwerp. The festive premiere for press and invited guests on 7 February at 20h30. La Musica II is from 7 to 10 February in the Red Hall of the Fakkeltheater to Antwerp.

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