Trump threatens state of emergency to call for building the wall

American president Donald Trump in talks with the Democrats warned that the shutdown of the government agencies for months or even years can take. At the same time threatened the president agree that the state of emergency to invoke to quickly create a wall on the Mexican border to build, as the negotiations to be long lasting.

Trump spoke on Friday in the White House with Democratic leaders in Congress, in an attempt to bring the shutdown to end to ensure that the 800,000 government employees are not paid can be. Those conversations turned to nothing, because Trump refuses to pass a bill to support the funding regulates, as long as no money gets to the wall on the Mexican border to build.

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said that he and his party members Trump tried to convince the shutdown to end. “But he refused. He said zelfds that he the government for a very long time could be closed, months or even years.”

That ruling was later by Trump himself repeated to the press, but the president saw things slightly better. “We have a very, very productive meeting, and we have already come far.’

Declare a state of emergency

Trump also stated that he is considering for the national emergency to call out to the wall on the Mexican border to build. “And I can do that, if I want. We can declare a state of emergency because the security of our country is in danger. Maybe I will do that. Then the wall very quickly be built. It is another way to get it done. But if we are in a negotiating way, we try that.’

‘A trumped up (concocted) a state of emergency, seek the approval of Congress to work is wrong’, responded Democratic senator Jack Reed are already clear. Trump asks $ 5.6 billion from Congress for the construction of the wall, whose total cost is at about 23 billion is estimated.

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