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The first company in Ohio pays taxes in Bitcoin Coin Hero

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The first company in Ohio pays taxes in Bitcoin

Home News is the First company in Ohio pays taxes in Bitcoin

Matthias Nemack –

Even if it is initially only a single company, which will pay its business tax by Bitcoin: A Signal message for crypto-company is all. Especially since other companies may recognize the opportunity in Ohio finally.

Overstock decides consciously for the crypto-tax-payment

The fact that it is in the case of the said company, to a well-known retailer, is a of course a good sign. However, The Online retailer for its interest in the Blockchain, and related currencies known – whether now, Ethereum, or the different Bitcoin versions on the market. Actually, Overstock even on his own daughter, the care specifically to Investments in the Blockchain.

Company pays all taxes in Bitcoin

However, despite these strong ties to the industry, is to control the decision-making for at least partial payment of the trades this year, a whistleblower for other companies. Because it is not reserved solely to the company, in the U.S. state of Ohio via Bitcoin, or Bitcoin to Cash taxes paid.

A well-known Partner for the crypto-control platform

The state of Ohio had already, some time ago, we’re trying to do on these innovative way and to be announced for this purpose a cooperation with the service provider Bitpay. This has been developed an own platform, which has also taken in November.

Discover tax-authorities crypto-currencies?

Overstock has decided as a pioneer in Bitcoin. The responsible head of the company praised the Federal government at the weekend in Interviews for their willingness to new technologies such as the Blockchain. Possible that other large companies will follow suit and also to crypto-currencies as a payment of tax model. Seems possible also that currencies like Monero will be added, and other States make similar Considerations.

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