Sushi tycoon pays recordprijs for bluefin tuna

ee20a1e7c4d20fa18c02b4b8608961d2 - Sushi tycoon pays recordprijs for bluefin tuna

A bluefin tuna of 278 kilos is Saturday at the nieuwjaarsveiling at the fish market of Tokyo will be auctioned for a recordprijs from 333,6 million yen (approximately 2.7 million euro). It was the boss of a well known sushi chain that the fish should show off.

The auction on the brand new fish market happens in the traditional way, with the lifting of the hand. Hundreds of tuna were huge. The most expensive copy was Saturday for some 2.7 million Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of the restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai.

Never paid a copper for almost 10,000 euro per kilo for bluefin tuna. But according to Kimura, there is now less demand than before and the fish is of exceptional quality. The sushi tycoon also signed already for the previous record in 2013.

The tuna was Saturday morning all cut up. The fish sold as sushi to the usual price.

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