Shipping company promises to pay for cleaning fell overboard containers

The shipping company MSC, which is responsible for the loss of 270 containers on the North sea, has on Saturday promised that they would ‘all costs’ will pay for the cleanup of the waste on the Dutch and German coasts.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company wishes to the Dutch and German authorities and citizens to ensure that the entirety of the cleaning fee will pay’, the company share.

The cargo ship MSC Zoe, that under Panamanian flag and one of the world’s largest container ships, lost in the night of Tuesday on Wednesday of containers in a storm for the Islands.

The group, which in Geneva is based, added in the statement that they ” will continue to look for containers that are in the sea fell, until the last has been found’.

Not only on the Islands are now a lot of stuff washed up from the overboard beaten containers from the vessel MSC Zoe. Also on the north coast of the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen is all kinds of junk on shore came. A bag with the toxic powder peroxide is found on the beach of Schiermonnikoog.


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