‘Rowdy’ meeting brings no solution for shutdown

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The “shutdown” of the Us administrations is not yet over. President Donald Trump has been on a summit with Democrats and Republicans to join threatened the financial reclamation ‘months or even years to keep.

Trump spoke afterwards of a “productive meeting” with the leadership of the U.s. Congress. Something the democrats in a different light left to shine.

“I found that it is really a very good meeting. We are all on the same line in regards to the want to keep it open to the government, ” says Trump afterwards. He said that this weekend a group will gather to determine what we on the border are going to do’. The president did not say who in that group will be seated.


The Democrate Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, gave a less rosy summary of the meeting, but indicated that progress had been made, something which Trump suggested. According to her, and Schumer was the meeting ‘noisy’.

“Years insisting’

Schumer also said that he and Trump had called for “millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands of workers” not to take hostage. ‘We told the president that we the government open need. He refused. In fact, he said that he was the government closed for a very long period of time, months or even years, ” says Schumer.

‘I am willing’

Trump confirmed that he had said. “I don’t think this will happen, but I’m willing,” says Trump. “I hope it’s not longer than a few days more it will take.’


Journalists asked Trump whether he is proud of the shutdown. “I am very proud to do what I do’, he responded. “I would not call it a shutdown. I call it doing what you need to do for the interest and the security of our country. You can be the Schumer or Pelosi – or Trump-shutdown called, that does nothing for me. The are but words.”

No money for wall

The shutdown or the closing of a number of American administrations, is already for weeks blocked by the requirement of Trump to $ 5 billion to provide for the construction of a limes wall with Mexico. The Democrats reject that.

Hundreds of thousands of civil servants should by the shutdown, holiday, or work provisionally without pay.

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