Niels Destadsbader tackles record

4e91b22c4619c5da89e8afeab36363cf - Niels Destadsbader tackles record

Who thought that after the turn of the year, or less, would begin to hear of Niels Destadsbader, who has got it wrong. Immediately at the appearance of the new Ultratoplijsten there was good news for the 30-year-old singer because he has a record of it. The album ‘Thirty’ of Niels Destadsbader takes 13 weeks to 1, and equals the record of Clouseau (‘Inside’) and Laura Lynn (‘Dreams’) for the longest 1 quoted fully Dutch-language album by a Belgian artist. When the album ‘Thirty’ next week at 1, it does Niels Destadsbader even better than Clouseau and Laura Lynn.

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