Laura Tesoro bursts out crying

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The most affected because BV How Will I Say this?, has Rik Verheye in the first season. He thought it was a bailiff in his house would be emptying, after a few so-called serious arrears to pay. Rik returns on Monday, January 7, however, the scepter by Laura Tesoro, who, during a ‘police’ is almost immediately in tears erupts.

Laura is a speed demon according to girlfriend Ellen. She runs regularly with and for her in the car still a vitesse less. The unsuspecting Laura is standing, held for a policing, and then it turns out that her car is aimed at as in to take…

“The Frederik” is quite flammable and strictly for themselves. If something is not running as he would like to see it, was there ever something. In terms of anger management, according to his girlfriend Stefanie better, especially on the tennis court. “Frederick is a treasure of a boy, but he dares with his missile to hurl. On a year socks it 10 pieces broken, a joke of 2000 euro, now I think about it.” In times of economic crisis, Jens intervention, doesn’t it?

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