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“It was not easy to say no to Ferrari”

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The Pole Robert Kubica makes this year his comeback as racepiloot in the Formula 1. It differed to their own, however, say not much or Kubica had the role of ‘ontwikkelingsrijder’ taken on at Ferrari.

Years ago, Robert Kubica a heavy rallycrash which he was almost a hand lost, this year he makes, however his comeback as a F1 pilot.

Of course, it is a dream come true, again racing in the Formula 1, even though it is in the glorious Williams F1 team last year as the last ended. It was, however, also different for Kubica.

“I knew what I would like to have done but sometimes things are more complicated than that from the outside it seems,” said Kubica, as opposed to ‘Racing’. “I had a very interesting opportunity and it was not easy to say no.”

This refers to the Pole to the role of ontwikkelingsrijder that he by Ferrari was offered. In addition, he would also be a lot of work in the F1 simulator Ferrari. Kubica gave, however, prefer to be at Williams to get going as racepiloot.

“Ultimately, I’m a racepiloot, and even though I have not raced, that racementaliteit is still there. I am also glad that I made this decision I have taken, at the same time is a big challenge.”

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