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Ethereum is to consume thanks to PoS less power – Coin Hero

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Ethereum is to consume thanks to PoS less power

Home News Ethereum is thanks to the PoS consume less power

Matthias Nemack –

No later than the end of the year 2019, the Ethereum Blockchain and the Mining should have a dramatically lower power consumption. Decided to this end, a process migration.

High fuel consumption remains a Problem in many systems

One of the Central problems of many crypto-currencies, and remains, the enormous energy demand that arises both in the Mining as well as the execution of transactions. This applies not only within the Bitcoin system, but also in the case of Ethereum and the associated currency Ether. There are numerous studies that confirm the tremendous energy consumption. Although Ethereum performs in direct comparison to Bitcoin and other systems often as a much more energy efficient.

Massive savings to be made through Proof-of-Stake

Nevertheless, the Ethereum Foundation would like to make in the course of the year 2019, with significant optimizations to the Mining allow for less energy-consuming. And the goal is very ambitious, as co-founder Buterin in the current announcements to detect. A whopping 99 percent of the network, the responsible programmer would like to reduce the consumer. Possible this should be through a process of exchange: the way from Proof-of-Work approach to the PoS model, i.e. the Proof-of-Stake approach. That the latter consume generally less power, is well known.

Buterin sees in the change of a new Ethereum age

At the end should be according to Vitalik Buterin something like Ethereum 2.0, if this sounds applied in a typical manner quite thick. On the other hand, the System can be lifted by means of the corrected Hash algorithm, in fact, to a new Level. This is interesting for all the participants of the Blockchain, if transactions are to be associated in the future with a significantly low power consumption. In addition, the PoS process will go hand in hand due to its technical features also have a better protection against fraud.

As a starting point for the conversion to take place in the course of the year without an exact date, will serve a Hardfork, which is already acute at the beginning of the year, into the house.

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