Dutch atlektiektrainer abused for the last 35 years teenage girls

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A 58-year-old atletiektrainer from the Dutch Rotterdam has known that he has at least nine young female athletes, has abused. In different cases, would that even pregnancies have resulted. Because the victims have no complaint, the man won’t be prosecuted.

The atletiektrainer has over the past 35 years, certainly nine girls between 11 and 18 years abused, confirms the Dutch Atletiekunie. Several victims became after the abuse to become pregnant, reports the newspaper The Telegraph, which documents and statements of those involved could refer to it.

After the case in 2017, a representative of an athletics was reported, the man last summer, a full confession made to the disciplinary committee of the Dutch Institute Sportrechtspraak. The prosecutor’s office of the Institute states that the trainer seriously encroach on the personal integrity of very young athletes’. At least three victims was ” a very negative and irreparable impact on the spiritual condition and the life in general’.

The prosecutor stated further that the man ‘no regrets has testified and no empathy has been shown’, and that he was ‘calculating’ thing happened.

The atletiektrainer was suspended for life by the Atletiekunie, but won’t be prosecuted. “If Atletiekunie we do not report to,” explains director Pieke the Black to the NOS. “There you have cooperation of the victims or the suspect. You is powerless.’

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