Announcement of results Congolese elections postponed until next week

6fa3e8a28d4f914fbd2f70aa87f1907f - Announcement of results Congolese elections postponed until next week

The preliminary results of the Congolese elections will only be announced next week, the election commission on Saturday announced. Initially, that would be Sunday happen.

“It is not possible to make the results Sunday. We go forward, but we still have not everything, ” said Corneille Nangaa, the chairman of the electoral commission, that the results should be together. He did not on which day the results would be published.

In Congo talks of the rumors that Martin Fayulu last week Sunday, the elections convincingly won and therefore, in principle, on January 18, the new president of Congo.

The international community urges in the meantime, the regime in Kinshasa on the results as soon as possible.

The elections were last Sunday and the intention was to have the first results at the latest on Sunday 6 January to publish. That deadline is not met. In the meantime, the Congolese government, the popular radio station RFI (Radio France international), the silenced and the accreditation of the RFI journalist repealed.

Also the mobile internet was shut down. With these measures, the government wants to avoid ‘oil on the fire’ is thrown if the first results are made known, what it sounds like.

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