All files on local roads close to Austrian ski resorts

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In Austria, heavy snowfall expected, and many people who come to home from a skiing holiday, have the advice followed in order this morning to leave early. Therefore, there are already a lot of congestion on the local roads. Touring and VAB expect even the weekend traffic disruption by the return from the ski resorts.

Because of the heavy snowfall and the associated files which are in Austria to be expected, holidaymakers are advised Saturday morning as early as possible to leave. “We see that a lot of people their precautions have been taken’, it reported Joni Junes of mobiliteitsorganisatie VAB around 7 hours.

“A lot of people are still on that mountain, with snow, down to the’ drive’, says Junes. ‘On the highways continue to have problems time being, people are especially in delay on the local roads from the ski resorts.’

The christmas holiday is almost over and many skiers return this weekend back home. That will, according to VAB, and as always, for more traffic on the roads from the resorts to ensure. ‘In combination with the heavy snowfall expected in Austria, that is certainly the long files cause’, warned Junes on Friday.

In Belgium Sunday press

Especially in the regions of Salzburg and Tirol will be there this coming weekend heavy snow is expected. Those who choose to return from France, according to VAB normally less traffic experience.

Touring expected in Belgium, especially heavy traffic on Saturday 5 and especially on Sunday afternoon, January 6, on the E40 coast-Brussels and the E411 Luxembourg-Brussels. Further expected Touring especially on Saturday, traffic in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the direction of the north. On Sunday, expect Touring that the traffic will go smoothly.

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