Viewers Family by the ribbon during midseasonfinale

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“Thou hast Amélie stabbed!” With those harsh words came Lars Wulf (Kürt Rogiers) tonight, the courtroom was chosen. His words were addressed to Marie-Rose (Martine Jonckheere), who was still as a witness before the court sat. Witness was Marie-Rose suddenly to offender bombed, because they could accuse her address no longer refute. The exciting midseizoensfinale knew such an emotional denouement.

Lars’ belief that not Véronique, but someone else, his sister Amélie (Erika Van Tielen) had stabbed turned out to be. Not only his ex, Marie (Lien Of the Basement), but Marie-Rose the culprit. His race against the clock to cast fruit as Lars discovered just in time that Marie-Rose on the evening of the facts, a car had rented that they to the house of her daughter is driven. There, she was caught by Marnix (Kristof Coenen), the witness who, in the preceding weeks, the silence tried to impose.

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