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Trixie Whitley is pursuing a new course on ‘Touch’

With a single Touch announces Trixie Whitley from her new album ‘Lacuna’. That will be from the 29th of march in the shelves.

“I love adventure and I get easily bored’, proclaimed Trixie Whitley is already Coming. The concert showed a lot of elektronischere Whitley to hear than we are used to, but the wérkte. That course put them on now to her new work. ‘Touch’ thrives on a slow beat, and recalls that the retained tension is perhaps the core of Whitley’s work.

For her new album ‘Lacuna’ was the Belgian-American in the sea with Little Shalimar, in the past supplier of beats for a side project Run The Jewels and ‘a true partner in crime’, says Whitley.

Would you expect, in addition to even more beautiful people. Artist Hannah Marshall will be a video-trilogy care, which Touch the first part. The video will follow later this month. Marshall directed earlier video clips of Florence + The Machine, The xx and Savages.

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