Tom Waes goes to war in Poland

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Live and work in a massive amount of Poles in our country. Everyone knows a Pool. Also Tom. But of their country, he knows but little. To Poland to learn about, drive Tom right through: from the northeast to the southwest. His roadtrip start not coincidentally, in the small town of Siemiatycze, Poland better known as “Little Belgium’. But he also visits the gigantic polluting lignite mine of Belchatow and take part in an exercise of a paramilitary group who have apprehensive for the new Russian expansiedrang.

Small Belgium
Tom begins his journey in the town of Siematycze. In Poland also known as Mala Belgia, which means ‘little Belgium’. A fifth of the inhabitants of Siematycze lives and works in Belgium. Everyone Tom meets, has a link with Belgium. And that can be surprisingly useful. Tom makes acquaintance with Barbara, a woman who in his own village and works as a cleaning lady. And that’s good, because Tom is looking for a new cleaning.

“Everywhere I looked, I saw a Belgian license plates and everybody had a link with Belgium. I have even my new cleaning lady found it.”

The first kilometers in the east by the province of Podlaskie, disadvantaged and conservative region. The catholic faith is still strong, but at the same time, there is also a lot of superstition. There are plenty of (benign) witches who secretly operate. Tom wants to look very like a meet and goes in search of. So he found an old woman who was with him a ritual to perform that happiness and health.

“I understood no word of what the witch said. But her monotonous geprevel had an effect on me.”

The battle
In the centre of the country, Tom along with a paramilitary grouping. Since Russia, Ukraine has been invaded, have 200.000 Poles are connected in such a grouping. They train every weekend in the woods to prepare for a possible war with Russia. Tom may be a military exercise to attend and even get a small role: he plays the wounded victim.

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