Swedish patient not infected with ebola

3d22ccfe80790865f502333a074b09c9 - Swedish patient not infected with ebola

A patient in a Swedish hospital in seclusion is placed, it turns out not to be infected with the ebola virus. Notify the local authority after an investigation.
In the meantime, would the man feels better and no longer vomit blood.

The hospital had earlier reported that there is a ‘suspicion’ of contamination was, but still, the strictest precautions apply. The possible ebolabesmetting was noted in a hospital in Enköping, west of Stockholm. In the meantime, the patient was transferred to the university hospital of Uppsala.

Where the man suffers from is not mentioned.


The man came back from Burundi, a country that has no ebola. In a region in the east of neighboring Congo raging epidemic, but that region is nearly 400 km from the border with Burundi.

Around the town of Beni has ebola more than 350 dead demanded. This outbreak is the second worst ever, after the epidemic that occurred in 2013 and rapidly spread in West Africa, with more than 12,000 deaths as a result. In the west, were a number of cases is counted, but only in the United States died of an infected patient.

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