Sandra Bullock reveals how the monster from horror sensation ‘Bird Box’ looks

405c7029a48142f67d45a9eeeba40f60 - Sandra Bullock reveals how the monster from horror sensation 'Bird Box' looks

The horror sensation of the moment is undoubtedly the film ‘Bird Box’. Something about a monster in the eyes may look. But how that mysterious beast looks like, no one knows. Until now.

A whopping 45 million Netflix accounts have ‘Bird Box’ views in the first week after the release. That’s insanely much, and also a record. There is a lot to do around the exciting thriller with actress Sandra Bullock.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which man is threatened by a mysterious monster. Who is the thing into the eyes, goes. So, there is only one solution: blindfolded through life. A fun scenario, that – how could it be otherwise – a new hype created: the Bird Box Challenge. Blindfolded walk around, so.

Although the sample has a starring role claims in the film, you see the beast never. And yet it is ever intended that the beast can be seen. Actress Sandra Bullock announced to Bloody Disgusting how the thing looked. “It was a green man with a terrifying babygezicht. It seemed at first in a horrible snake. I was like, ‘I don’t want to see’. But when I turned around and I got it for the first time saw, burst me out laughing. Scary it was not, it seemed rather a long, thick¿ baby,” said the 54-year-old American actress.

Director Susanne Bier decided to have the sample not in the picture. The creators wanted to make the film after all, as mysterious as possible. There they are with verve managed.

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