Pressure rises on regime-Kabila to defeat to acknowledge

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The oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu is almost certainly the winner of the Congolese presidential elections. From all sides is the pressure exerted on the clan around Kabila for that outcome to respect.

To the constitutional court steps, that is full of Kabila-faithful, and the outcome of the presidential election later declared invalid because the population in Beni and Butembo was not allowed to vote …

To the constitutional court steps, that is full of Kabila-faithful, and the outcome of the presidential election later declared invalid because the population in Beni and Butembo was not allowed to vote. That is about the last option, which the clan of president Joseph Kabila have left to prevent the power in the Congo has him slipping away. It is a very risky plan B, because it will almost certainly lead to riots and chaos.

In Congo talks of the rumors that Martin Fayulu last week Sunday, the elections convincingly won and therefore, in principle, on January 18, the new president of Congo.

Church puts Kabila clamp

It is the Congolese bishops ‘ conference that Kabila Thursday-clamp put on a press conference to disclose that one candidate is the clear winner. A name called they are not, because the Congolese electoral commission attributed the rash to make it known. But Fayulu would, according to its figures, an absolute majority is achieved.

The catholic church is sure of her piece based on the official reports of the polling stations. “They had more than 40,000 observers in 20,000 kiescentra’, says Pieter-Jan Hamels, who for 11.11.11 the elections in Kinshasa followed. ‘They have after the count the prs with the results documented and sent to you. It’s going to be a fairly representative sample, which accounts for approximately half of all polling stations.’

It is because pictures of that prs on the press (followed) social media began to circulate, that the Congolese government earlier this week decided the internet is flat to explain, says Hamels. ‘According to spokesman Lambert Mende, gave them a wrong picture.’ But the catholic church informed Wednesday all of the main embassies in Kinshasa, on its findings, took Thursday to publicly claim and continued the show.

American threat

The election commission, which is officially independent but depends strongly on the regime-Established, is now under heavy pressure to not cheat with the results. “One can be a tidal wave, a plebiscite did not hold back,” said Martin Fayulu, in an interview with Le Soir. Donatien Nshole, the secretary-general of the episcopal conference, does not exclude that the Church is the official results will contest if that differ from her conclusions.

Also the African Union, which plays an important role and earlier pressure on Kabila to no longer be a candidate, demands that the outcome of the elections is respected. The UN Security council, came yesterday meeting in New York to make a declaration to approve who insists on respect and accurate publication of the results.

The American ministry of Foreign Affairs went a step further. “Those who have the electoral process to undermine, threaten the peace, security and stability of the Congo. Those who benefit from corruption risk is no longer welcome in the U.S. or the access to the Us financial system is denied.”

‘No revenge against Kabila’

The election commission seems to be not going to Sunday provisional results, as however he had promised. Officially it is because they are still too little results. “It is high tension between the bishops and the government, who are very annoyed with the unexpected success of the opposition,” says Hamels.

Possible points the delay to the fact that there behind the scenes already negotiated guarantees for the future of the clan Kabila. In his interview with Le Soir says Fayulu that Joseph Kabila for the life senator, as provided for in the constitution. ‘No revenge, for me that is the watchword. Otherwise, the calm never return in our country.’

Soldier of the people

It seems in any case that the regime in Kinshasa are seriously mispakt with the candidacy of Shadary, not charisma or appearance. The success of Fayulu is explained by three factors.

He made a career in the private sector at ExxonMobil, was never a minister and is therefore not contaminated by his past. He showed leadership during manifestations against Kabila and showed that he was not afraid of the repression – earning him the epithet “soldier of the people” resulted.

Finally, he ran a very good campaign, in which he promised to deal with the corruption in the Congo and could count on the support of Moïse Katumbi in Katanga and Jean-Pierre Bemba in the equatorial province. Both Katumbi as Bemba was excluded by the election commission.

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