Pieter from The Mol gives his C4

990f98c30956264172816719bed4448e - Pieter from The Mol gives his C4

Striking news at the beginning of the year: Pieter Delanoy from The Mol has resigned as hulppriester. The man has to say no more masses to go for it. According to the Focus WTV has bishop Lode Aerts, meanwhile, that the resignation be accepted. But why stop Peter now suddenly?

Now, yes, so suddenly was the decision now. Pieter gave earlier that he will probably never all his life a priest would be. According To The would Peter an e-mail to his parishioners have sent in which he wrote that he wants to go pursue a phd. That ambition would not be compatible with the office of hulppriester. And so, urged a dismissal. His students, however, may sleep on both ears: Peter continues to teach at the Saint-Lodewijkscollege in Brussels and get for all clearly not from the priestly ministry. He will, however, not masses more to preside.

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