Only a minority of young people go on annual check-up at the dentist

Only a small minority of the young people in our country yearly control at the dentist. In Flanders, a quarter of the young people, in Wallonia and Brussels leaves, respectively, 16 and 11 per cent of young people every year, teeth checked.

In addition, half of the young people who are on control going to tooth decay due to excessive eating or frisdrankgebruik. That shows all the numbers that N-VA Member of parliament, Yoleen Van Camp opvroeg, and that they are explaining in The Morning on Radio 1.

Since 2009, the basistandzorg in our country to the age of 18 years free of charge. Nonetheless, a lot of young people very little to the dentist.

Camp calls for the control of the teeth to add to the medical supervision of the Centres for Pupil guidance (CLB).

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