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Netflix sets ‘Girl’ from the middle of backlash

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It Is a film about a transgender dancer too ‘dangerous’ to see? That asks The New York Times now a Netflix Girl for the time being but it is not available to American subscribers. Netflix has the rights for the U.S. and planned to the film by Lukas Dhont on January 18, to resolve. That is now probably somewhere next spring. Netflix gave no comment.

That Netflix this, and sourdine does, it strengthens the presumption that the company is on alert for the controversy in the US has begun. A few op-eds criticized the filmmakers that they themselves are not transgender. Also called some of the painful sleutelscène ‘traumatic’ and ‘disgusting’. Netflix had already Dhont asked for explicit scenes to be cut, but who loved guns.

It is not the first time that Netflix flexes for a part of its subscribers. Earlier this week it was revealed that the company has an episode of the satirical program Patriot act in Saudi Arabia is not defective because the crown prince succeeded in offended would be (DS, 3 January).
Sunday Girl the Golden Globe for best foreign language film win. Roma is by far the absolute favourite, but Variety reports Girl yet, as the biggest competitor.

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